Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zara Manucharyan Studio Tour (Yerevan)

Zara Manucharyan, 36, painter, was born and raised in Yerevan, and received degrees from the Yerevan State Fine Arts Academy in 1995, and an arts management degree in Austria. Combining print-making or graphic arts and drawing and painting techniques, her works have been shown across Europe, including permanent gallery representation. Citing Kandinsky, Miro and Arshile Gorky as the artists she most admires, Manucharyan's work also reflects modern, abstract sensibilities. Over time, her style has continuously evolved: from simple etchings and mono types to frenetic, multi-layered cityscapes. Her current work, is also showing a new direction, inspired by her recent visit to Tibet, where she made not only paintings but also made her first foray into video art/documentary.

Want to visit Zara's studio? E-mail us at arttoursarmenia@gmail.com.