Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hakob Hovhannisyan Studio Tour (Gyumri)

Hakob Hovhannisyan, 51, painter, was born in Gyumri. He studied art at the Terlemezyan Art school-Yerevan, Armenia, and has spent his artistic career split between his hometown and St. Petersberg, in Russia. He has shown internationally, in Switzerland, Spain and Russia, among other places. Hakob's works are deceptively simple at first glance. But upon further examination of one of his "Ten studies of Light," (shown above), his richness of color, masterful composition and skilled draftsmanship mark him as one of Armenia's most interesting contemporary artists. Hakob Hovhannisyan is now hiring a place in village Gusanagyugh where he has a possibility to depict the warm colors and the nature of the village.

Want to visit Hakob's studio? E-mail us at arttoursarmenia@gmail.com.